Noogs chews

By noogs


Noogs are energy chews that taste like your favorite sour gummy candies. Here’s why we love them:

  • Delicious flavor - Created with your favorite gummy candies in mind, Noogs are the perfect combination of sweet and sour.
  • Quick-Digesting Carbs - Noogs are made with a blend of glucose and fructose, designed to be rapidly absorbed by the GI system and used for energy.
  • Essential Electrolytes - Noogs contain 150mg of sodium and 50mg of potassium per serving to help replace electrolytes lost via sweat.
  • Easy-to-Chew - Noogs are bite-sized with an easy-to-chew texture, so you can spend less time chewing and more time enjoying your activity.
  • Re-Sealable Packaging - Only want to take a few bites at a time? No problem! Simply re-seal the bag and enjoy later.

Noogs support your performance on the run, bike, swim, or anywhere else you like to stay active.

Noogs were created when founder, Paige, felt stuck with the available sports nutrition products on the market. As a dietitian, marathoner, and running coach, she understood the importance of nutrition on the run, but couldn’t find a product that matched her needs. The products designed to support performance were not appetizing, or had a texture that made them difficult to get down. Her favorite alternative, sour gummy candies, lacked essential electrolytes and required a fair amount of chewing. Paige and her husband, Ben, worked with a food innovation lab to create an energy chew to solve her fueling dilemma. Thus were born Noogs– the energy chews that Paige could finally look forward to eating on the run. Now, she’s ready to share them with the world! 

Paige and Ben live in Charlottesville with their dog, Daisy. Ben is a graduate student at UVA Darden school of business.